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Bilingual Schools in Costa Rica

One of the many advantages of moving to Costa Rica is the chance to become bilingual in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Whether you are moving on your own, or with your family, there are many opportunities to study and learn Spanish at a bilingual school in Costa Rica. If you are looking for a bilingual school for yourself or one where your son or daughter may learn another language, while at the same time receiving an excellent education, you will find many choices for bilingual schools in Costa Rica. The only hard part will be picking from so many options! Send Me South is a company that specializes in helping people move to Costa Rica and as such they can assist you in your search for the right bilingual school in Costa Rica for you.

If you are looking for a bilingual school for yourself, you will find many language immersion courses offered throughout the country. You will have many choices of settings in which to study and become fluent in Spanish. Whether you would like to enjoy the beach life of Costa Rica, the mountains and cloud forests, or be surrounded by city life, there are endless bilingual schools to choose from. Spending some time learning Spanish is great way to get to know new people in Costa Rica and will also make your transition to your new home that much more comfortable.

As a parent moving to Costa Rica, you may be considering sending your child to a bilingual school where he or she has a chance to not only continue on his or her current education course, but also so that he or she can truly speak and understand Spanish. Knowing multiple languages is becoming a more important skill set for entering the job market. Enrolling your child in a bilingual school in Costa Rica is a great way to help your child prepare for the future.

If you enroll your child in a public school in Costa Rica, the whole curriculum will be in Spanish. If you chose to enroll your child in a private school, you will need to see if that school is in English, Spanish, or both. There are many private, bilingual schools throughout Costa Rica, so finding a school will be easy, but making the choice may be harder. Send Me South is knowledgeable about the many bilingual school options in Costa Rica, so once you know where you will be living in Costa Rica, you can begin searching for the right school that fits your wants and needs. Providing the opportunity for your child to become bilingual will also help your child acclimate to his or her new surroundings and home and help your child to make friends more easily. Moving to a new country can be a shock for some children, so being able to communicate in his or her new surroundings will help your child feel right at home.

By deciding to enroll yourself and your child in one of the bilingual schools in Costa Rica, you will both find it exciting and fun to learn a new language. If you are both studying Spanish at school, you will have a chance to practice your new language together; this can provide a wonderful bonding opportunity for your whole family. Whether you are planning on living in Costa Rica permanently or for just a few years, you will find that by studying at a bilingual school and learning Spanish, your life will be enriched in many ways. You and your family will enjoy your time in Costa Rica even more so with a little bit of local language knowledge under your belt. So have fun looking into different options for bilingual schools in Costa Rica, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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