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Family Life in Costa Rica

If you are planning on moving to Costa Rica with your family or want to start a family once you move to Costa Rica, you will be happy to know that family values and ties are a very important aspect of life in Costa Rica. Due to the importance of strong family units and close family connections, you will find that Costa Rica is a great place to raise a family.

Family life in Costa Rica may seem like family life back home, depending on where you are from, or it may seem more traditional than what you are used to. Often times, children will live at home with their parents until they are married. Sometimes children live at home until they are in the 20’s or 30’s, and then once they have married they move in with their spouse. It is also quite normal in Costa Rica for extended family members to live together. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins may share one house, or live in very close proximity to each other so as to see each other frequently. Family is very important to Costa Ricans and usually a Costa Rican’s social life is closely intertwined with his or her family life.

When you go out to eat or to an event in town, it is common to see many generations all out together. From newborns to great-grandparents, the whole family will usually spend special occasions and outings together. If a Costa Rican friend invites you over to his or her house, be prepared to meet the whole family, since many Costa Ricans either live with or spend the majority of their free time with their family.

Brothers, sisters, and cousins usually live together and attend the same schools growing up so they become each other’s best friends. As such, siblings and cousins usually continue living close to each other throughout their lives. It is not uncommon in smaller communities for many of the residents to be related either by blood or through marriage. While there are a number of people who migrate from smaller communities to the San Jose area, they tend to stay in close touch with their families and return home on weekends or for holidays to visit family members.

Babies and young children are considered very special parts of the family life in Costa Rica. If you have a baby in Costa Rica or move there with your young children, you can expect much of your new community to take an interest in your child. Because children are seen as very important members of society, making sure they receive a good education is very important to Costa Ricans. This is part of the reason why Costa Rica has such a strong education system.

Family life in Costa Rica has a very strong foundation so moving to Costa Rica with your children can be a great decision. You will be immersed in a culture that values family connections and respects the rights of children. Raising a family in this environment can help you strengthen your own family values and relationships. You can feel confident that moving to Costa Rica with you family will have a positive impact on your family life. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need help planning the logistics of your move.



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