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High Schools in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a very impressive school system, setting it apart from most of its Central American neighbors and many other countries throughout the world. If you are moving to Costa Rica and have a child who is high school-aged, you will be pleased to know that there are many wonderful high schools to choose from in Costa Rica. Whether you are looking for a public or private school, or just looking for a shorter term program for your child to participate in, Costa Rica will provide many great opportunities for a high school student.

In Costa Rica, the public school system is broken into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary school, or elementary school, lasts for six years. Secondary school, essentially middle and high school combined, lasts for five or six years. If your student is currently in high school, you will want to check and see which corresponding grade level you will need to enroll your child in once in Costa Rica.

If your child attends public high school in Costa Rica, he or she will need to speak and understand Spanish, the national language of Costa Rica. Your child will also be required to wear a uniform if attending one of the public high schools in Costa Rica. Upon completion of secondary school, or high school, in Costa Rica, your child will have a Costa Rican Bachelaureate. This will serve as a diploma and will allow entrance into universities and colleges within Costa Rica. If you want to ensure that your high school-aged child has the proper diploma to apply to and enroll in universities and colleges in the United States and other countries, you may want to look into sending your child to a private high school in Costa Rica.

A private high school in Costa Rica may be the right choice for you and your child if your child does not speak Spanish and is interested in applying to colleges and universities outside of Costa Rica. If your child attends one of the private high schools in Costa Rica, he or she will graduate with both a Costa Rican Bachelaureate and a U.S. diploma. There are many private high schools throughout Costa Rica and they offer a variety of education programs. While there are English language high schools, you may find that a bilingual high school in Costa Rica can be a great way for your child to better understand and speak Spanish. Private high schools in Costa Rica vary in tuition costs, so depending on your finances, you will be able to find a school that works for you and your child. Finding the right learning environment for your child will be important in helping him or her succeed. Send me South specializes in finding the best school for families, based on their specific needs.  Please contact us for more information.

If you are only planning on living in Costa Rica for only a few months, or something short of one full academic year, you may look into different learning programs for high school students. There are lots of volunteer programs, language programs, and cultural immersion programs designed for high school students while in Costa Rica. Sometimes, these programs count towards your child’s current academic course for their high school back home, or towards college credits once enrolled in college or university. There are many programs to choose from and your high school student will have an amazing, life-changing experience by participating in one of these programs while in Costa Rica.

Again, whether you wish to enroll your child in a public high school, a private high school, or a program for high school students in Costa Rica, you will be pleased with the school system in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans pride themselves on their quality education system and their high literacy rate. In a country with more teachers than police, you can feel confident that your student will receive a great education by attending one of the many fine high schools in Costa Rica.

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