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Living in San Jose Costa Rica

When most people think of moving to Costa Rica, they picture rainforests, beaches, and lots of exciting wildlife. While this is one version of living in Costa Rica, living in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica will provide another experience all together. Living in San Jose can be a fun and exciting way to get to know Costa Rica and may be the perfect place for you to live.

Set in the central valley of Costa Rica, San Jose is home to the majority of Costa Rica’s populace. While it is a small city compared to other cities worldwide, it provides many options for housing, education, medical services, theater and arts, and cultural experiences. No matter who you are or where you do end up living in Costa Rica, you will be spending time in San Jose, so it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the city.

Costa Rica’s international airport is located in Alajuela, a city bordering San Jose, so if you fly into the country, your first encounter with Costa Rican culture will be city-life. Government offices, museums, and many volunteer organizations are based in San Jose so living there will provide you with access to all these services and opportunities. By living in San Jose, you will be at the heart of all that happens in the country.

Because Costa Rica is a smaller country, you can access almost the entire country by bus or private car in just one day’s journey from San Jose. Public transportation is well maintained in Costa Rica and getting around by bus is easy as buses run frequently and to all major destinations multiple times a day. You may even find that the best way to explore the whole country is by living in San Jose and taking day or weekend trips to other parts of the country. Taking the city bus around San Jose is a great way to get to know the different areas and suburbs of the city. You will find lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment options throughout San Jose. If having access to a thriving nightlife is important to you, living in San Jose will make more sense than living in a less populated part of the country.

Also, by living in San Jose you will have access to more options for schools for either yourself or your children. Many of the best public and private schools in Costa Rica are found in San Jose and there are more language programs available in the capital than anywhere else. If you have a child that will be attending school in Costa Rica, or you want to study Spanish for at least part of your stay, then living in San Jose may be the right choice for you.

The best hospitals and clinics in the country are also found in San Jose. If you have a medical condition that requires constant medical attention, are pregnant, or simply feel more comfortable living close to the best hospitals and doctors, San Jose is your best option for healthcare. While there are hospitals and clinics throughout the country, the most advanced medical practitioners are mostly located in San Jose and the surrounding area.

By living in San Jose, Costa Rica you can have the best of both worlds: city living with easy access to the natural wonders of Costa Rica. You may have been picturing that jungle bungalow right on the beach, but just think, by living in San Jose you can have your nice home and never be more than a short drive away from that bungalow. Before you decide where to live in Costa Rica, take some time to consider all the wonderful benefits of living in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about making the move to Costa Rica.


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