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So, you’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica? This blog is designed to help make that move as easy as possible. Maybe you’ve never left your home country, maybe you’re a world traveler that wants to settle down some place new, or maybe you just want a change for a little while. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to move to Costa Rica (and everyone has their own reasons), this moving to Costa Rica blog can help you succeed.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, and during the 1980’s this region of the world had a pretty bad reputation for civil war, high crime rates, and poverty. But, it’s no longer the 1980’s and Costa Rica is one of the most stable countries in Central America, with one of the most developed welfare systems. Costa Rican citizens have one of the highest life expectancies in the Western Hemisphere, with an average age of 77 years for men and 82 years for women. There is no standing army in the country, and the population is just under 5 million people. Costa Rica has lots of national parks, and ecotourism is a fast growing industry. The main exports for Costa Rica are coffee, bananas, sugar, textiles, and electronic components. If you plan on moving to Costa Rica, you will enjoy lots of delicious coffee and have plenty of bananas to eat!

Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are overall a friendly people, and while the country does have lower crime rates and more stability than some of its neighbors, you still need to use caution and street smarts. Lots of people move to Costa Rica and end up leaving after a short stay. Sometimes the culture shock of moving to a new place is too much to handle, the language barrier can be daunting, or the pace of life might not match their lifestyle. Things happen slowly in this small country. San Jose is the capital, located in the central part of Costa Rica, and the surrounding metropolitan area is the most densely populated region. If you end up moving to San Jose, you will find life still moves quite quickly, but if you decide on either the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, you will discover the best thing to do is adapt to “Tico time”. If you need a part for your car, or have to buy a new computer you may need to make a trip to San Jose, or wait a few days for items to be sent to whatever town you have moved to. Errands that you are used to handling in a few hours back home, may take a few days in Costa Rica. If you don’t mind life moving more slowly, you’ll fit right in.

There are many blogs updated by expats living in Costa Rica and finding a blog that talks about the region of Costa Rica you plan on moving to will help you decide if that place is right for you. If you enjoy surfing or other beach activities you might want to live along one of the coasts. If you love coffee and the mountains, you may chose to stay in the central part of the country to learn more about one of the Costa Rica’s main exports, or if you know you need an exciting night life, San Jose or the surrounding area might be your best choice. Consider your hobbies and your standards of living before you decide on where you’ll be moving in Costa Rica.

The currency of Costa Rica is the colon. At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is $1 (US) to 500.54 colones. Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, but English is spoken in many regions. It’s a good idea to brush up on your Spanish before moving to Costa Rica, as this will help you get acquainted with your neighbors and your surroundings.

This moving to Costa Rica blog provides an overview of some of the facts of Costa Rica. For more information to help with your move, please read the other articles available on this blog. By reading up on Costa Rica, you will know more of what to expect when you make your move and help ensure you stay as long as you plan on staying. Whether your move is temporary or permanent, you will enjoy your time more if you plan ahead.  Send me South is a company dedicated to helping you move to Costa Rica and doing all the leg work necessary to make the transition smooth!  Contact us and let us know your plans, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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