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Retire to Costa Rica

After years of hard work, you have reached that golden age where you get to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy some down time. If you are ready to retire, and have decided that Costa Rica is right for you, then congratulations! You are joining a community of other retirees who have decided to retire to Costa Rica.

If you are still just planning your retirement, the first thing that is highly recommended is visiting Costa Rica before moving. For your first visit to Costa Rica, you will want to see the country and learn about different housing options, health care, and finances. Send Me South can help with all these topics and more. With Send Me South, you can arrange to have one of our representatives waiting for you at the airport. Once you have been picked up by your Send Me South representative, you will be shown around San Jose and the surrounding area. If you decide you would like to visit either the Pacific or Caribbean coasts to discover if your dream retirement home is waiting for you there, Send Me South can arrange that as well. Just visit the Scouting Trips and Orientation page for more details.

Once you have spent some time in different regions of Costa Rica, you will have a better idea of where you would like to retire. Now comes the fun part. You will want to return home, settle your affairs there, and then begin the process of packing what you would like to bring with you to Costa Rica. Whether you decide to rent or purchase a home when you retire to Costa Rica, Send Me South can help with the process of bringing your belongings through customs. Many of your belongings can come with you on the plan, but if you have additional items that have been shipped, Send Me South can help get all of your items, and you transported, to your new home in paradise.

Retirement should be easy, which is why many people choose to retire to Costa Rica, as the pace of life is very relaxed, and the stable infrastructure of the country allows you to enjoy your retirement. If you are worried about how to access your finances, set up internet to keep in touch with your loved ones, or find a doctor in your new area, don’t be. Send Me South can assist you with all these concerns. When you retire to Costa Rica, Send Me South will make sure your move is as smooth as possible.

If you are retired and receiving a pension of $1,000 (US) or more per month, you can apply for Pensionado residency. This is very common among people who have retired to Costa Rica. Send Me South can help you file your paperwork and put you in touch with the proper people to get your residency set up. Having residency will make it easier for you to do things like find a good doctor, purchase a car or house, or set up a Costa Rican bank account. After you have retired to Costa Rica for 2 years as a pensionado, you can apply for permanent residency, if you choose to do so. Don’t be afraid of this process. If you speak Spanish, you will find you may be able to do the paperwork on your own, but it is still advised to get help. If you don’t speak Spanish, Send Me South offers assistance with anything you may need while you are enjoying your retirement in Costa Rica.

Again the first step of your journey will most likely be a visit to Costa Rica to see if you really do want to retire to Costa Rica. If you need any help in planning your initial trip to Costa Rica, contact us and start planning your retirement today!


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