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Schools in San Jose Costa Rica

With more teachers than police officers, Costa Rica offers a wide variety of schools throughout the entire country. From language schools, to yoga schools, public schools to private schools, and even boarding schools, there are literally thousands of schools to choose from in Costa Rica, with the highest concentration of these schools found in the San Jose metropolitan area and the surrounding Central Valley.

San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica, has the highest population density of the entire country, with 288,000 residents, based on the 2012 census. Combined with the surrounding cities of Alajuela, and Heredia, the metropolitan area comprises about one third of the total population of the country, and as such there are more schools in San Jose and the surrounding area than any other part of the country.

If you are looking for a Spanish language schools in San Jose, Costa Rica, you will find a variety of courses available. Some are more intense immersion programs, with instruction for seven or eight hours per day, five days a week, for a period of a few weeks. Other Spanish language schools in San Jose run for a longer period of time and meet less often throughout the week. Whatever your preference is for the type of Spanish language school you are looking for, you will find that San Jose offers a school that fits your needs.

Many families move to Costa Rica every year with school-aged children. While there are public and private schools throughout the entire country, again, the most school options are in San Jose, Costa Rica. There are many highly accredited schools in San Jose and the graduates of these schools often go on to attend college or university at some of the top institutions in the United States and other countries around the world. By sending your son or daughter to a public or private school in San Jose, Costa Rica, you will be helping him or her prepare for success in their college careers.

There are many other types of schools in San Jose, Costa Rica, such as yoga certification schools, massage therapy schools, and art schools. If you are planning on moving to Costa Rica and want to attend school to further your trade, learn a new skill, or meet like-minded people, you may decide that attending school San Jose is the right choice for you. San Jose is also home to Costa Rica’s top colleges and universities, so if you are planning on studying abroad, or pursing your college degree in Costa Rica, you will most likely be attending a school in San Jose. Since there are so many options in San Jose, you may wish to have Send me South help you with the process of finding the right school for you and/or your family.

Whatever type of school you are looking to attend, whether it’s for you or your children, you will find that the schools in San Jose, Costa Rica are among the best in the country, providing the most options for all types of education plans. By attending school in San Jose, you can help ensure that your move to Costa Rica is not just enjoyable, but also advantageous to furthering your career options. Costa Ricans pride themselves on being very well educated and having great schools. Once you experience one of the many great schools in San Jose, you will see why Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

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