Send me South is a company dedicated to helping families and individuals move and settle into life in Costa Rica

Concierge Service 24/7 Support

Once you’re settled, we’re here to help you stay. Our extensive concierge service provides things like legal advice and services, medical assistance and expedited care, consolidated billing services for all of your monthly utilities, finding cleaning and childcare services, drivers, and private security, or frankly, anything else you need.

Our concierge service is on call all the time. When you call, we answer and help. We provide this service to give you peace of mind after you’re settled in. No matter what you need, we’ll give you advice, guidance, call on your behalf, and in emergencies we’ll meet you and translate for you. We’re here all the time.

Our extensive network of contacts throughout Costa Rica has taken years to develop, and allows us fast and reliable access to the right people when we need it. We leverage our network to help you, our client.

Paying your monthly bills can be a headache, and navigating the bank system with all of its idiosyncrasies can be infuriating. Culture shock really sets in when you start trying to understand how to simply pay your power bill. We have a centralized payment system in place and can manage and pay all of your monthly bills, including your rent, on your behalf. We send you one itemized, easy to understand bill in English, and you pay us directly. We do everything else.

When things go wrong, you need a local who speaks the language, knows the hospitals, and can get you care quickly. Whether it’s a second person to help you out and coordinate your needs, or someone to take care of your kids while you run to the doctor, we are there to help.

Sometimes its better to ship your car to Costa Rica rather than buy one here. We can help educate you on all of the costs, issues, and the process for bringing your car into the country and can even manage this on your behalf.

Buying a car? Need a rental agreement? Got into an accident and need legal advice? We have access to trustworthy and reasonable attorneys who are bi-lingual and trustworthy. Let us know what you need and we can help.

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