Send me South is a company dedicated to helping families and individuals move and settle into life in Costa Rica

Phones, Banks, and Licenses

In the first days and weeks after arriving, you’ll need to establish things like a bank account so that you can wire money from your home country, get a cell phone so you can communicate, and perhaps establish utilities in your name for the house you are renting. We’re experienced at getting all of this done and will help you with the paperwork and the processing of these important steps in getting settled. We even go with you and help translate and complete the paperwork at the bank in order for you to open your accounts.

If you choose, we can provide a cell phone ready for you when you step off the plane so that you have the comfort of being able to get a hold of us or anyone else in a moment’s notice.

Getting your local “tico” driver’s license is recommended for a number of reasons, and requires some local knowledge to navigate the system. We’ll take you where you need to be and escort you through the process, offering translation so that you understand what’s going on.

In Costa Rica its often recommended that you form your own personal corporation which can hold assets such as cars, real estate, and even cell phone and utility accounts. These corporations also have the ability to establish bank accounts far more quickly than if you try to open one as a new arrival without the requisite visas and immigration status. We can establish corporations within a few weeks, which will allow you to protect yourself from liability and hold assets safely.

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