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Spanish Language Schools in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica can be a new and exciting change. Whether you are moving on your own, or with your family, you may want to consider enrolling in a Spanish language school in Costa Rica to help you learn the language of your new home. You may speak a little Spanish, or none at all, either way, there are plenty of options of Spanish language schools throughout Costa Rica to help you improve your skills for both speaking and comprehending Spanish. Learning Spanish can be advantageous to you if you are planning on starting a business in Costa Rica, moving with your children, who will be learning Spanish at whatever school they are enrolled in, or even if you have decided to retire to Costa Rica. By studying at a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, you will be able to more easily transition into your new home in Costa Rica.

There are a variety of Spanish language schools in Costa Rica offering different types of programs to fit your needs as a student. You may decide on an immersion program. Immersion programs tend me to be more time intensive, usually 5-8 hours of classes, 5 days per week, and are taught by native Spanish speaking Costa Ricans. These programs can help you quickly progress in your Spanish skills and basic scenarios, like going to the grocery store, paying your bills, and asking for directions can become much easier.  Some Spanish language schools in Costa Rica are geared towards specific aspects of business. For example if you are planning on working as a yoga instructor, or owning a yoga studio, you can take a language program that focuses on the vocabulary you will need to succeed in your new business or work. Likewise, if you are a business man or woman, you may wish to enroll in a Spanish language school that focuses on business and finance, banking and administration in Costa Rica.

Many retired men and women who have moved to Costa Rica decide to take classes at Spanish language schools more for leisure and enjoyment. If you find something that goes at a slower pace is right for you, you may decide against an immersion program and find a Spanish language school that meets only once or twice a week for a longer period of time. This option will allow you learn Spanish at a more relaxed pace, which can be quite enjoyable and a great way to make new friends. Finding a program that best suits your needs and wants will be important to you succeeding at your Spanish language school in Costa Rica. Send me South can help you select the right program for you, and can take care of your enrollment process, so that you can simply enjoy your first day of classes.

If you are moving to Costa Rica with school-aged children, they will most likely learn Spanish in whichever school you select for them. Most international, private, and all public schools will offer Spanish language programs. If you and your child are both learning Spanish at the same time, it can be a fun bonding experience to practice your new language together.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to study at a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, there is a program out there that is right for you. Please contact us if would like help in finding and enrolling in a program, so that you can begin the fun and exciting process of learning a new language as soon as you move to Costa Rica. You will enjoy your time in this beautiful, friendly country much more and be more comfortable in your new surroundings.


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